Tomakin Community Association

A wide range of awesome Tomakin themed merchandise is now available for purchase!
Full details on the TCA’s online ecommerce site:
TCA Members are entitled to 10% discounts on the below prices:
$2.50 Stickers (Tomakin Artwork)
$2.50 Stickers (Tomakin Sunpatch by the Sea)
$15 Coasters – set of 4 (Tomakin Artwork)
$12 Stubbie holders (Tomakin Artwork)
$15 Cotton Tote Bag (Tomakin Artwork)
Local Delivery to your address in Tomakin is very much preferred and is free. If a local Tomakin (or nearby) delivery is not an option for you, we’ll be in touch to work something out.
Please note, the TCA is a local non-profit community association that’s staffed solely by unpaid volunteers. Thank you for your kind patience and understanding. Thank you!
Have a browse on our online ecommerce site and order now: