NBN – Emergency Preparedness


NBN have informed the TCA that the Batemans Bay nbn Community Hub has recently reopened and they are again available to support the community with their nbn and technology questions. They have been in Batemans Bay for over a year now and part of their purpose is to assist in preparing the community for the potential upcoming natural disaster season. 

nbn has recently launched its 2021/22 Emergency Preparedness campaign by reminding Australians to put safety measures in place this disaster season and follow some simple tips to help maintain communications during emergency events.

Briefings are available for local organisations to outline how nbn responds during an emergency event and raise awareness about what the community can do to also be prepared. 

They are simple messages which have been said year after year but there is no harm in repeating them to ensure they hit home with the locals particularly when dealing with internet disruptions during emergencies.

Stay mobile:

Keep a charged mobile phone and portable mobile battery pack ready to use in a power outage, or if your nbn™ connection is disrupted in an emergency event. Consider turning off cellular data on unnecessary apps to save battery.

Stay updated:

Local radio is a good source of information during an emergency, so include a battery powered radio in your emergency communications kit. Also follow emergency services, including your state Fire and Rescue and Police Services, as well as utility companies and nbn (@NBN_Australia) on social media for updates.

Back up:

To make sure you can access important information and essential documents from anywhere, including insurance policies and financial documents, consider creating a digital back up on a USB or in the cloud.

Alternative power:

If there is a power outage, equipment connected to nbn™ services will not work. For home needs during these times, you might want to consider investing in an alternative power source, like a generator. Unfortunately though, alternative options like generators will not bring back home internet if the nbn™ network is also experiencing a power loss. 


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