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Tomakin Sports and Social Club

The Tomakin Sports and Social Club is a major and very popular feature of Tomakin life, playing a central role in the life of the Tomakin community, strongly supporting many local organisations along with providing social, recreational and sporting activities.

The Tomakin club is built on land originally purchased from Harry Brooks and there was a great deal of effort put in by a range of locals from 1977 onwards to develop and set it up.

There are unconfirmed rumours abounding that the site of the Sports and Social Club was where a group of residents in the 1960’s and 70’s would gather for drinks of an evening, with kegs of beer being brought under cover of darkness in a boat from Batemans Bay. After several boat breakdowns and disappointed drinkers, the idea surfaced to set up a slightly more permanent (and legal) drinking hole. If true, it most certainly would follow in a long tradition of Tomakin “sly grog shops”.

The club continues to develop and grow with the Tomakin and surrounding community and continues to plan new features and attractions for locals and visitors alike.

Tomakin Community Hall

The Tomakin Community Hall is one of Eurobodalla’s busiest, with many local and specialist groups using it for functions, gatherings and meetings on a daily basis. It has recently had an upgrade by the Eurobodalla Shire Council with the addition of nearby car parking and a road access upgrade. It sits on a spot which has a long history in Tomakin, variously having been a fire shed, Sewerage planning office and now a well-known local gathering place.

Rally for Recovery

The Tomakin Rally for Recovery Group was formed in 2001 and since then has raised well over $3 million for the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation to aid in finding cures for Childhood cancers and blood disorders. It sits beside the Community Hall, on the site of the old Fire Shed. It holds very popular sales on Wednesday and Saturday mornings and plays a very important role for fundraising, a gathering point for the community and a great place to browse and pick up a bargain.

The Moorings Resort

The Moorings is now well established time share and tourist resort and is a popular spot for holidaymakers, with golf and mini golf courses.

Local shops, restaurants and cafes


Smokey Dan's

Rivermouth cafe

IGA supermarket

Holiday Parks

Tomakin boasts two popular holiday parks, situated at opposite ends of the village. 

The Tomaga River Park sits on Sunpatch Parade, next to the Tomakin Sports and Social Club.

The Barlings Beach Holiday Park lies at the far side of Barlings Beach near Barlings Island.